principals and city representatives to meet and create what has become known as the APPLE (All People Promoting Literacy Efforts) Partnership.

The three goals of the group are:

  1. To communicate to the public the mission of the APPLE Partnership.
  2. To identify and promote community resources for families to assist their children to become successful readers.
  3. To establish partnerships within the community to provide resources and incentives to promote literacy efforts.
The partnership operates on the understanding that all children are capable of learning and that reading is the basis of all learning. It also operates under the understanding that parents and families are the biggest influences on literacy and development and that parents are the most important teachers in a child's life.

In an ongoing effort, the partnership actively works to bring community resources to schools, teachers and parents in a proactive way to help families help children learn how to read. In a nutshell, it's about reading and giving kids a chance to succeed in life.

In early 2004, alarmed about startling statistics about childhood literacy, the Mayor and Council of the City of Henderson pledged community support to help educators and families help children learn to read. Soon thereafter, Mayor James Gibson and Dr. Lauren Kohut-Rost, former Southeast Region Superintendent for the Clark County School District, assembled a group of parents, teachers,